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Advertise in Mississippi Land Ownership Maps
We offer great value advertisement space in the Mississippi Land Ownership Maps that we produce.

With the purchase of an ad, you will receive your choice of the land ownership map ($125.00 value) either in book form or on CD in PDF format.

Ad space will be limited and on first come first serve basis.

Full page ad - $500.00 (ads will be made as large as possible, and no more than 1 ad will be printed per page)

Ads will appear in both 18"x24" books and CD land ownership maps of the county you choose to advertise in.
Ads will appear in the maps until a new publication is made. This time will vary, but is usually at least 3 to 4 years.
Ad space is on individual sheets and placed randomly thru out the map for maximum exposure.
Ads in map books are only offered in back and white, while maps on CD, support colored ads.
Art Work: we can scan and use your business card for an ad or you may provide us with a .jpg or .tif file, but we do not custom design art work for ads.

Interested in advertising in our maps?
Call or email us with the county names that you're interested in advertising.
We will add you to our advertisement notification list and contact you when advertisement opportunities are available on a county you have listed. 

If you would like more information call us at 601-947-8557 or email us at sales@tabmap.com

Below are some black and white ads taken from an 18"x 24" land ownership map book. Actual ads are more clear and legible than the examples below.
You can also take a look at what these ads look like in full color on our CD land ownership maps by clicking here. Free Adobe Acrobat Reader required.


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